Cardfight!! Vanguard Silverdust Blaze Booster Display (16 booster)

21 000 Ft
Eredeti ár: 24 000 Ft

Metagame 1
1132 Budapest, Kádár utca 10.
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Metagame 2
1114 Budapest, Szabolcska Mihály utca 9.
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Nyelv: Angol

    ・Featuring 5 VRs (Vanguard Rare)!
    "Alter Ego Messiah", "Dragonic Overlord "The X"", "Dragonic Blademaster "Souen"", "Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo", and "Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop" have been confirmed!

    ・"Dragonic Overlord "The X""
     The ability to gain the powers of previous "Dragonic Overlords"......!?

    ・Ratio of VR/RRR is increased!
    Rates of opening a RR or above card in a single pack are as below.
    - Parallels (SP): ~1.25%
    - VR: ~9.38%
    - RRR: ~20.94%
    - RR: ~31.25%

    ・VR/RRR cards featured as SP cards will have special treatment!