D Special Series: Festival Collection 2021 Booster

1 500 Ft

Metagame 1
1132 Budapest, Kádár utca 10.
Metagame 2
1114 Budapest, Szabolcska Mihály utca 9.
Nincs készleten
Nyelv: Angol

    All cards included in RRR treatment! In addition, SP gets a super gorgeous treatment!!
    New cards can be used to power up both Start Decks and new decks constructed from "Genesis of the Five Greats".
    RRR reissue cards feature 9 types of cards (including triggers) from each Start Deck, other than the cards numbered 001!
    All SPs are parallels of Start Deck cards!
    Each pack includes 1 new card and 2 reissue cards!
    Each box gets you 1 copy of every new card!!

    SP rarities in full art design!
    6 frameless SPs from each nation can be arranged to form these complete illustrations below!!
    The artwork showcases the key units of each nation in its full glory.
    These highly collectible pieces of artwork featuring the fascinating world of each nation will definitely appeal to the players with their magnificent illustrations.
    Players will surely want to collect all these SPs for their one-of-a-kind art that portray the nations and units they represent!
    Up to 5 designs to be collected!
    Featured Nations: Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia

    Product Specifications
    1 pack contains 3 random cards
    1 display contains 10 packs
    55 types of cards (10 new cards / 45 reissue cards)
    (RRR: 55)
    + 30 types of parallels (SP: 30)
    All cards are featured in RRR treatment!
    1 display box will contain all the new types!
    ※Other than when SP is included