Out Style

    4 000 Ft
    Eredeti ár: 7 990 Ft

    Metagame 1
    1132 Budapest, Kádár utca 10.
    Külső raktár
    Nincs készleten
    Terméktípus: Társasjátékok
    Termékkategória: Out Style
    Nyelv: Angol
    Időtartam: 10-20 pec
    Játékosszám: 1 - 4
    Nehézség: Könnyű
    Ajánlott életkor: 10

    This is a crazy fast game of streetball, which is basically basketball but focused heavily on pure showmanship and individual skill display.

    In Out Style, you win the game by scoring 2 Baskets. Alas, this is Streetball, not basketball. On the street, style is just as important as scoring, if not more. You can actually win without getting a Basket in, simply by achieving 42 Style points first - after which you would have won the heart of the audience which then proceeds to jeer your opponents off the court and you win in style.

    Players will take turns taking on the Offensive and Defensive roles. The Offense player plays one card at a time, getting closer to the net with each successful play. The Defense player decides if he wishes to play a Defense card to steal the ball, and if so, which one from his hand. Even if Defense fails to snatch the ball, there is accumulating defensive pressure building up each time as the Offense player goes deeper into the arc until eventually the Offense gets overwhelmed by Defence. This is where the Offense can decide to pass the ball, which resets all cumulative defensive pressure back to zero. Then again, passing should not be something you do often since it gives the Defensive player Style points for pressuring you into passing!

    When you get close enough, you play a Shoot card and hope your opponent does not block it.